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About the Free America Conference

Freedom Tech and Industry Infrastructure

We The People unite to partner, plan, fund and build the infrastructure to run a Free Economy.

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Before 2020 we'd never thought about working rapidly toward building a Free America. In 2020, they colluded to allow only "ESSENTIAL" businesses to stay open. Millions of small businesses shut down and never reopened, while the "ESSENTIAL" big brand name retail business and Big Tech Left companies prospered big-time.

Now, it is OUR TIME to flip the table and DISRUPT/DIVERT/STOP their evil agendas. Now is the time to build a Free America again. We must not only build a connected Patriot Network that is standing for Christian or traditional family values and against Marxism and Wokeism, but We The People must buy or build infrastructure and align resources to serve as the foundation or our Freedom, as God enables and permits.

We must unite to build a Free America again! 

Conference Producers

Randy Smith - Circle Profile - web.png
Randy Smith
General Manager
Free America Conference
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Chris Jacobson
VP Operations
Free America Conference

A Foundation Built Upon the Rock

"Unless the Lord builds the House, the workers labor in vain." Psalm 127:1
This conference will be go beyond the Great Awakening already at hand. We will, share the Good News and Bible prophecy now being fulfilled. We want to see another Great Revival and Great movement to rebuild America upon the values our founding fathers built it. We will honor the Lord and give Him praise!

We believe the Rapture is near. We believe mass persection is soon to take place and the Tribulation is not far off. We are not seeking to secure the foundation for the Kingdom of God and Christ's return. We're simply working to build a way for Americans to go about living life freely, side-stepping tyranny from a nefarious Fed Gov, just as our founding fathers did.

We must build upon a True Spiritual Foundation to save our nation! 

Existential Threats We Face and are Seeking to Side-Step

Exisential Threats
What are the Tech Tools of Tyranny or Fascism.png

What will happen to our Freedom when, or if, fascism is fully rolled out?

What happens to the Parallel Economy when the Tools of Tyranny are unleashed - web.jpg
What will you do without freedom - torn flag and constitution - web.jpg

We may be forced to take bold action to secure our Freedom.

A repeat of history may not be avoidable. However, we believe waking people up to politcal, geopolitcal and spirtual reality is very important to prepare them for what is to soon to come and so as to not be decieved. Sharing and discussing Biblical Prophecy and We The People, Patriots learning, planning, building, funding the infrastructure to power a Free Economy and means to go about living life freely, for short time until the Lord returns is worth the effort. We know what will happen if we do NOTHING! Perhaps only in Red or Free States or Counties will Freedom still soon exist. Civil/Rev War 2.0 is the last option we want but is an option if we are left no other options.



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