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Tendered Talks/Topics*

What are the Tech Tools of Tyranny and How Americans Can Avert Digital Fascism

The Plan to Build a Free America Again and Secure and Freedom, Liberty, Health & Wealth

The Real Story of the Open Invasion of Our Southern Border as Funded by Our Tax Dollars

Discussing The "Big Elephant" Topics Conservative Media Has Refused to Discuss

The Diabolical Plans of Globalists/Marxists to Destroy America and Take Over the World

Private Homeschooling 101 and the Top Curriculm and Remote Private Schools

How What is Happening in Israel and World is Setting the Stage to Fulfill Bible Prophecy

How to Have Hope and Peace and Provision, No Matter the Circumstances

Who was Jesus really? He Claimed to be God and Savior of the World!

How All Religions and Gods are False Except the God of the Bible/Torah

How All Paths Lead to God But Only One Path Leads to Eternal Life and Entering Heaven

Hell and Satan Are Real and How Just Being a Good Person Will NOT Get You In Heaven

The War Against Human and Drug Trafficking at Our Southern Border and Across America

Best Off-Grid Power Sources When There is No Longer a Reliable Power Grid

How Satan Will Use AI and Transhumanism to Power the Mark and Image of the Beast

The Coming Great Alien Deception and the Rapture of True Believers to Heaven

Securing Parental Rights is Essential to Our Immediate and Future Freedom

States, Police/Sheriffs and Citizens Securing Our Border When Our Fed Gov is Not!

Securing Our Medical Freedom and Healthcare from a Nefarious Fed Gov and WHO

Discovering What True Freedom and Liberty Really Are

Think You're Fully Awake? Think Again!

Homesteading: Living Remote or Rural in a Red State, Free America

Preparing for Attacks on Americans by Enemies Foreign and Domestic

How Every Church Will NEED to Become Like The Early Church to Survive and Thrive

How the Church Can Again Be the Center of Community, Commerce, Compassion & Hope

The Plan for Owning and Operating Free America's Food Supply Infrastruture

What will the Free Economy Look Like? > SMBs, Big Tech Right, Infrastructure, Retail

Free Market Capitalism In the Free/Parallel/Patriot Economy

What Will or Can Our Future Monetary and Banking System Look Like in Free America?

Opportunity to Buy/Repurpose Commerical Office Buildings and Build Patriot Communties

The Plan to Build/Buy Free America's Airline

How an Alt-Inernet and Mobile Communications Network Can be Built in 2024-2025

Investing, Bartering, Storing Wealth and Conducting Commerce in Free America

Top Prepping Priorities: Must Haves to Nice to Haves

The Hard Currency in a Red State, Free America: Guns & Ammo, Gold & Grub and More

Prepping for Marxist Mandates, WW3 and Civil/Rev War 2.0 by Fall/2024 or Post-Election

How Red/Free States Will Be the Last Stronghold For Freedom and Liberty

CBDC's or a Bank Security Upgrade Are Coming To America

All the Ways the Parallel/Patriot/Freedom Economy Can Be Turned Off Like a Light Switch

The Future Platform Required to Build A Free America Again

A Free America requires a Free Economy and Our Own Monetary System

Taking Part in the Massive Business Opportunity in Building Free America Again

Connecting with Your Local Community to Secure Freedom, Liberty, Food & Friends

What Will Happen if We The People Fail to Build a Free America Again?

When Will the Bubble Has Burst in Stock Market, Real Estate and the Economy

How to Make OUR Elections Secure, Transparant and Trustworthy

How the Globalists/Marxists Are Doing Their Part to Fulfill Bible Prophecy

Learning the History of Socialism and Communism From Plato to Present

The Founding Fathers and American Culture in Revolutionary Times

The Amazing Stories of How God Delivered Victory in the Revolutionary War

The True History of OUR Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

Free America Fund: $1 Billion for Startups/SMBs > $100 Billion for Private Equity

Christian Worship Every Morning to Kickoff Each Day

Saturday Evening Christian, Country & Rock Music Concert and Networking from 7-11pm

Politicians/Candidates with America First, Constitutional or Libertarian Values

There will also be panels and presentations on all industy verticals at 2024 Conferences.

*Actual talks/topics, speaker presentations, panels and Fireside Chats may be added, deleted, updated at any time.

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