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Free America Conference - Attendee Terms and Conditions


1. The aforementioned individual (“Attendee”) reserves through Free America Events LLC, (“Management”) the right to attend conference sessions, exhibits, and other activities (during times and in spaces as allowed by the type of Registration purchased) at the Free America Conference (“FA Con”) to be held (dates) at (venue name) (“Venue”). At its sole discretion, Management will make every effort to treat each Attendee fairly with regard to admission, seating, food service (if applicable), etc., based on factors including Registration Type, Sign-up Date, Exhibitor, Sponsor or Media Plans (if any), Value-Add to FA Con, and other factors. Management reserves the right to refuse access to Attendee to all or part of the FA Con Venue for any reason including but not limited to it being a competitor of an Exhibitor, Sponsor or Media Partner.


2. Attendee will pay Management a total fee in U.S. currency according to the Attendee Registration Fees listed on FA Con’s website. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. NO SUITCASING. The right to display and/or distribute materials and solicit sales at FA Con is granted only to those entities that have a valid, signed Exhibit Rental or Sponsorship Agreement on file with Management.


3. Presentations on the Main Stage will be broadcast via livestream during FA Con (“Livestream”). Access to Venue is not included with a Livestream Pass. Attendees purchasing a Livestream Pass may only view the Livestream off-site, and will receive a link to view a recording of the Livestream online after FA Con is over. All other Pass holders are granted varying degrees of access to Venue and will receive the Livestream recording link.


Attendees purchasing a General Admission Pass are granted access to the Main Stage and Exhibit areas only. Access to Breakout Rooms is not included with a General Admission Pass. General Admission Pass holders may sit in any non-VIP seating in the Main Stage area on a first-come, first-served basis.


Attendees purchasing a VIP Pass are granted access to the Main Stage and Exhibit areas, and some Breakout Rooms. VIP Pass holders may sit in any VIP or non-VIP seating in the Main Stage area on a first-come, first-served basis. VIP Pass holders are also granted access to the VIP Lounge area where breakfast, lunch, catered snacks and beverages will be provided to them at no additional cost.


Attendees must apply and be approved in advance before being allowed to purchase an Innovator Pass. Approved Attendees that purchase an Innovator Pass are granted all access and rights as Attendees holding a VIP Pass. Additionally, Innovator Pass holders are granted access to ALL Breakout Rooms including working sessions where Free America’s future Freedom Technology and industry infrastructure is discussed (“Innovator Sessions”). Much of the content discussed in Innovator Sessions is understood to be protected as Intellectual Property and is confidential in nature (“IP”). Attendees and Speakers are solely responsible for whatever they choose to share.


4. Attendee understands and agrees that Attendee is solely responsible to pay directly for any products or services not specifically listed as included in the above section.


5. Attendee further understands and agrees that neither Management nor Venue or their employees or agents can or will be held responsible for the safety of Attendee or their property or rented items against theft, burglary, vandalism, or damage by fire, water, earthquake, or any other cause. Attendee agrees by its participation in FA Con to waive any and all claims resulting from its participation.


6. In the unlikely event that FA Con is either canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of Management, Attendee understands and agrees that no refund or additional liabilities for any costs relating to such cancellation or postponement would be due to Exhibitor. Management may, at its sole discretion, make such refund if Attendee would find it impossible to participate if the event were to be rescheduled. No notice of such rescheduling would be given to Attendee since the cause of such rescheduling might be natural disaster, civil unrest, cancel culture, or other circumstances beyond the control of Management.


7. Management reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict Attendee’s access and participation in FA Con for issues caused by Attendee with regard to noise, disruptive or objectionable behavior, distracting Attendees from an Exhibitor or Sponsor, or for any other reason. Attendee shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


8. Attendee agrees it will not wear apparel or hold or post signs containing any words or images that are in direct conflict with the expressed values of FA Con as displayed on its website. An Attendee’s use of vulgar or inflammatory language that leads to violence, potential violence, or disruptive arguments at the Venue may result in the Attendee being asked to leave FA Con voluntarily, or it may lead to Attendee being removed by Management. Management has sole discretion over what constitutes a violation of this section. In the event Attendee is asked to leave or is removed by Management, Attendee is required to remove all its property from the Venue immediately.

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