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What We Stand For and Against


Any American citizen that loves Freedom, Liberty and our Constitution is welcome to attend our conferences. Any person disrupting the conference or endangering others will be asked to leave or will be removed.

What We Proudly and Passionately Stand For

We stand for Freedom, Liberty, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, Free Market Capitalism, One Nation Under God. We believe the Bible is the uncorrupted Word of God, and that Jesus Christ is God and King. We have inalienable rights granted by God as revealed in the Bible.

What We Firmly Stand Against

We stand against Globalist, Marxist and Communist agendas, Satanic Worship, Woke Values, Pro-Choice, Racism, Sexism, Anti-Christian/Anti-Jewish sentiment and pro-Islamic terrorist sentiment.

We reserve the right to have removed from the conference any individuals taking part in violence, physical assault of other attendees, behavior that disrupts conference speakers, networking, exhibit hall or that are suspected of illegal activities, for any others reasons we deem to be inappropriate or unlawful, or for acts lacking integrity, honor or Biblical morality. Any persons or companies removed shall not be reimbursed costs incurred for conference passes, exhibit space rental, sponsorships, travel, hotels, marketing or advertising or insurance.

*We understand that not everyone shares these values. If you find yourself in conflict the values, beliefs and conference rules as listed above, it’s probably a good idea for you not to attend the event. We understand we will not all hold the same perspectives, values, beliefs. We would welcome hearing any genuine issues or concerns. Contact us with your questions, thoughts, and ideas to make the conference the best it can be and they will be considered.

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