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Many More Speakers Added Soon!

Open Call to Speakers

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If you feel you speaking at the Free America Conference is a perfect fit due to your expertise on a given topic/talk as listed on our website here (or is not listed and your feel in very relevant) and your current focus and mission aligns with our mission, then contact us to apply. We ask that speakers applying to speak provide a breif bio, relevant context about why you would be a great match to speak, read below.

Approved Speakers may have their travel costs covered and possibly a speaking fee paid but we are asking for all speakers to consider that this conference is an IMPACT conference. Speakers we believe qualify to speak in the Innovator Breakout Sessions or Freedom Crunch will most likely have to be a sponsor or make case they can drive a large marketing push for our event. The main mission of this conference is to plan, fund and build the Freedom Tech infrastructure for the Patriot, Free, Parallel Economy. The revenues generated from this event shall be used primarily to fund building of the USA Pay Network, Free America's Communication and Commerce systems, Patriot and Christian non-profits, Good Causes and future events. 

Speakers We Are Openly Inviting

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Got connections to invite one of these speakers above or others we might be interested in, especially industry leaders?

Make an intro and if they agree to speak in person at the event, you get a free pass to the event and maybe more.

Of course we are shooting for the stars here!

We've got a country to save!

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Pastors and Bible Teachers - 2 - web.jpg
FA Con - Macro Economists - Web.jpg
politcians and Candidates - web.png

And of course we need leaders from
each industry vertical to be speakers!

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