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Introducing Freedom Crunch

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Freedom Crunch will hold Innovation Breakout Sessions gathering America's brightest Patriot engineers, entrepreneurs and investors to present, plan and fund the building of the Freedom Tech Infrastructure to POWER and SECURE the Parallel/Patriot Economy. These sessions will be an Innovation Incubator for America's new foundation for Freedom.

The Parallel/Patriot Economy is a $10-$15 Trillion Dollar Economy. We need to own and control a Patriot Platform with our own, communications, currency, stock market, power grid, that can run independently of a nefarious Gov or Big Tech Left that supports Communist and Marxist agendas and whose values against our Conservative and Libertarain values.

Today billions of dollars and millions of Americans are working to win the 2024 elections for America First and God First candidates. Yet our elections are barely more secure than in the 2020 or 2022 elections. Lawfare is being waged against Patriot politicians. media, companies and even lawyers. When considering this and all the evil agendas planned to bring down America by the Communists and Globalists, Americans need now more than ever to unite to build a Patriot Platform to preserve our Freedom, Liberty, wealth and health.

At the Freedom Crunch Tech Conference, it is our hope that billions to tens of billions of dollars from Patriot Billionaires and High-Net-Worth is invested to buy, build and fund the infrastructure and the solutions needed to defeat or avert tyranny/fsacism from the EXISTENTIAL THREATS we now face.

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