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A Stark Reality We Face

In 2024 it is very possible we will see an attack on America that is 10-100X greater than the attack on Israel. We'd then see Martial Law under a nefarious administration that will likely implement a Surveillance State, including a CBDC, Digital ID as paired to Social Credit System to control all communication, commerce and travel in America.


If such plays out in 2024, we may not even have elections in 2024 or see President Trump win.  If this happens it will mean we will have lost our Free Republic and will quite likely a Civil/Rev War 2.0 will break out. Our military will be split and most Americans will live in Free America, which will comprise of the central and southern states. 


There is a way forward to defeat or avert much of the coming tyranny and fascism the globalists and Communists want to push upon us in 2024 or 2025. This way forward, a better Plan B or even Plan A, is what the Free America Conference is all about. This is where We the People unite to plan, build, buy and fund the Free America platform.

We need to build our own Patriot Platform to power the Parallel/Patriot Economy. We should build this platform even if very bad things do not happen. We need to be in control of communications, energy and commerce. We the People need to defend our borders, our rights and our Freedom, Liberty, weatlh, health and safety as our government cannot not be trusted for such.

Billions of dollars are being spent and millions of Patriot Americans are working toward political victory for America First and God-First candidates.  Yet, we have several EXISTENTIAL THREATS that pose a GREATER or EQUAL THREAT than politcal losses in 2024. Fact is we may not even have elections in 2024. Should we not have at minimum billions of dollars and tens of thousands of Patriot Americans working to SECURE our future Freedom, Liberty, health, wealth and safety? This is the Better Plan B!

We also need churches to step up and support the efforts to build a Free America again. The need and opportunity is there for the church to once again be the hub of each local community or town. In stark times we will need the church to be there like the Early Church and as it once was across all of America during the time of the founding of America.

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