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Americans that love Freedom, Liberty, our Constitution, under God, will gather to partner, plan, fund and build the INFRASTRUCTURE to power an independent, Parallel/Patriot Economy that aligns with Conservative values and a smaller government. All Americans have a part in building a Free America again.

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Conferences will focus on SECURING our...

We plan on holding a few events in 2024.
Tap here to view cities

First Free America Conference: October 24-27, 2024

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The Big Threats to We Face!

Threats From an Open and Unsecured Border

In the last 3-years, up to millions of military age men from countries that hate America have been allowed by our Fed Gov to enter America, have been given debit cards loaded with thousands of dollars, have been flown across America and given housing.

The number of illegals that have entered America not detected is estimated at 2X those allowed in by OUR Federal Government.​​

The fetanyl now in America if dispersed into our food or water supply could kill up to millions of Americans in just days

Threats to Our Digital Communications, Commerce, Banking, Travel, Food Supply and Healthcare
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Our Elections are NOT Secure, Transparent or Trustworthy
4-step plan to secure and win our elections - web.jpg

The Free America Conference is a SOLUTIONS conference that is focused on retaining our Freedom and defeating and removing the globalists and Communists that have infiltrated much of our government.

View Proposed Conference Talks

Building a Patriot Tech Platform in 2024  
Parental Rights
Medical Freedom
Bible Prophecy   
AI and Aliens
The Free Economy   
Off Grid Power
Election Integrity
The War Against Human Trafficking
1A/2A Rights 
Securing Our Borders  

Read about a stark reality we must prepare to face in 2024 and why we need to build out our Patriot Plaform to power Free America ASAP.

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Freedom Crunch will be held in Innovation Breakout Sessions at the Free America Conference. We will gather America's brightest Patriot engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and most innovative companies to present, plan and fund the building of the Freedom Tech Infrastructure to POWER and SECURE the Parallel/Patriot Economy. These sessions will be an Innovation Incubator for America's new foundation for Freedom.

The Parallel/Patriot Economy is a $10-$15 trillion dollar economy. We need to own and control a Patriot Platform with our own, communications, currency, stock market, food supply, healthcare, power grid, transportation and education system that can run independently of a nefarious Gov or Big Tech Left that supports Communist and Marxist agendas and whose values are against our Conservative and Libertarian values.

Billions of dollars will be spent and millions of Americans are working toward winning 2024 elections for America First and God First candidates. Yet our elections are barely more secure than in the 2020 or 2022 elections. This gives us little assurance our elections will be Free and Fair to produce legitimate winners. Lawfare is being waged against Patriot politicians, media, companies and even lawyers. When considering this and all the evil agendas planned to bring down America by the Communists and Globalists, Americans need now more than ever to unite to build a Patriot Platform to preserve our Freedom, Liberty, wealth and health.

At the
Freedom Crunch Tech Conference, it is our hope that billions to tens of billions of dollars from Patriot b
illionaires and high-net-worth investors is invested to buy, build and fund the infrastructure and the solutions needed to defeat or avert tyranny/fsacism from the EXISTENTIAL THREATS we now face. Learn more about the BIG OPPORTUNITY!

Free America Conferences

2024 Conference Tour Locations 



West palm beach florida.jpg


Target Dates Oct. 24-27, 2024
Dec. 5-8, 2024



Dates and Location: August 22-25, 2024
Conservative Tech Business Conference

Who should attend?

Companies, engineers, executives and investors that want to plan, fund and build the INFRASTRUCTURE to power the Patriot/Parallel Economy

This is a private, invite-only event. Please contact us to inquire.

2024 Free America Conference Cities

There's NEVER BEEN any event like the Free America Conference.

Be at the first event to be part of building a Free America and sparking a movement.

We are targeting to have 5,000 Patriots attend the first event in person and 50K-500K Patriots watch online or at churches and venues across America.

Early Bird, discounted passes for the Free America Conference will be going on sale soon!

First 5,000 Passes - Early Bird Pricing
@ 70% Off (Save $35) - $14.95
View livestream of the conference and chat with fellow Patriots online.

SATELLITE EVENT PASS (Live In-Person events at Patriot churches and warehouses)
Early Bird Pricing
@ 50% Off (Save $50) - $49.95
Watch livestream of main event from Patriot hosted venue w/ local speakers and Patriots!

First 200 passes - Early Bird Pricing
@ 67% off! (Save $200) - $99.95
Attend conference in person. Full access to Main Stage and Exhibitor Halls.

First 50 passes - Early Bird Pricing
@ 50% off! (Save $400) - $399.95
Get VIP seating, access to VIP Lounge with catered snacks, beverages, breakfast, lunch and full access to Main Stage and Exhibitor Halls and some Breakout Rooms.

First 25 passes - Early Bird Pricing
@ 50% off! (Save $800) - $799.95
Get Main Stage Seating in first several rows, access to VIP and Innovator Lounges with catered snacks, beverages, breakfast, lunch and full access to Main Stage and Exhibitor Halls, plus access to all Industry Breakout Sessions, including Technology Sessions (no media will be permitted).

Early Bird, discounted passes will be going on sale soon!

*All Attendees will have to present Drivers License, Real or Gov ID to enter event. A background check may be processed to ensure event security. Any person assessed to be a security threat will be not allowed into event.
A full refund on passes, minus cost of background and security check, will be granted to those denied access.
All ticket (pass) sales are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Pass Pricing

10%+ Gross Revenues donated to Patriot and Christian causes.

Learn more about being an exibitor or sponsor at this first event.
View Exibitors page or the Sponsors page.

About the Free America Conference

2024 is going to be a Pivotal and Wild Year for America and the world!

Roar War and More in 2024 - web.jpg

We The People: Populists, Conservatives, Patriots, Christians, Libertarians
must unite in our fight
for Freedom and Liberty.
We are not waiting for or expecting politicians or 2024 elections to save our nation!

There's Going to a Great Patriot Roar in 2024!
The politcal, cultural and psychological war will only grow more.
We may see Civil/Rev War 2.0 and
 World War 3 in 2024.
We The People must appoint new leaders to secure of future Freedom and Liberty!
This is why we must gather together to build a Free America again
to prepare for the worst and unite to build what is best for us all.


A Free Economy Owned by, Run by, We The People!

Free Market Capitalism

A Republic, If You Can Keep It


Conservative Family Values

Freedom Tech

An Equal and Opposite Response to Tyranny and Fascism

A Free America with a Free Economy, Run by We The People

Building a Firewall for Freedom

Go Live Freely Under Rights Given by God and Our Constitution

Are we living the End Times?

Elephants Will be Allowed in the Room and Given Chance to Speak!

One Nation, Under God

We the People push for a blast to the past to a USA prior to 2020.


Are you truly awake?

Are you truly Free?

Are you ready to meet God?

Do you know, without a doubt, you are going to Heaven?  

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Conferences By and For the People

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed ... After a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..." 

It is time for We The People to form a more perfect union, again.

ESSENTIAL Conferences to Secure Our Freedom 

We are planning to hold 2-3 conferences in 2024 with 500 to 50,000 Patriots attending each in-person.

We are targeting to hold events in cities below, but are open to other cities not listed below.
We'll be building a platform for Patriots to build a Free America again in their local community.

Also, it is our plan for local Free America Events to be held at churches, universities and public venues across America. We are partnering with Media Partners and churches to Livestream broadcast main event.

Freedom Crunch Slide - web.jpg

Business Conference: Aug. 22-25


Oct. 24-27 or Dec. 5-8, 2024 

West palm beach florida.jpg

 24-27 or Dec. 5-8, 2024


 24-27 or Dec. 5-8, 2024 

General Agenda for Free America Conferences > 3.5 Day Events

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Bold Speakers


Network with Patriots

Exibitor Hall.png

Exhibitor Hall

Worship Concert.png

Daily Morning Worship
One Evening Concert!


Contact us to ask questions, request a meeting or more info.

A Foundation Built Upon the Rock

"Unless the Lord builds the House, the workers labor in vain." Psalm 127:1
This conference will be go beyond the Great Awakening already at hand. We will share the Good News and Bible prophecy now being fulfilled. We want to see another Great Revival and Great movement to rebuild America upon the values our founding fathers built it. We will honor the Lord and give Him praise!

We believe the Rapture is near. We believe mass persection is soon to take place and the Tribulation is not far off. We are not seeking to secure the foundation for the Kingdom of God and Christ's return. We're simply working to build a way for Americans to go about living life freely, side-stepping tyranny from a nefarious Fed Gov and standing boldly for Freedom.

We must build upon a True Spiritual Foundation to save our nation! 


Confirmed Speakers - Speakers Page


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Engage in person with your customers!
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Our event RAISES FUNDS for Christian and Patriot Non-Profits and Good Causes!


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Christian, Conservative, Libertarian and Populist Media Partners!erf 

More Media Partners coming soon!

Learn more about becoming a Media Partner.




More info coming soon! Venue location will not be publicly disclosed through this website.

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